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Stations & tools

Innovative technology
for excellent soldering results

Reliable operation, robust and attractive design, as well as many years of market experience – the right soldering & desoldering station for every application.

  • Precise temperature control for reproducible processes
  • Clearly structured tool selection
  • Intuitive, ergonomic operation
  • Customized soldering tips
The missing link: IoT soldering station i-CON TRACE
Soldering with 2 tools: i-CON 2V
Soldering with 4 tools: i-CON VARIO 4
i-Tool heating technology
Attachable device for the i-CON family
Compact and powerful: i-CON NANO
Universal and digital: RDS 80

Irons & sets

Reliable soldering tools
for a wide variety of applications

Various designs and functions – the right soldering tools for a great range of applications.

  • Fine, universal, and gas soldering irons and more
  • Durable design and robust technology
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Wide range of soldering tips for each tool and all tasks
Processing heat shrink tube with INDEPENDENT 130
For mobile use: Gas soldering irons & sets
High-speed soldering iron
Universal soldering iron
Workshop soldering iron

Tips & nozzles

Reproducible soldering results
thanks to original Ersa soldering tips

Long lasting soldering tips for a wide variety of tasks – the right soldering tip for precise hand soldering.

  • The right soldering tip for all customer requirement
  • Long-term availability of all soldering tip series
  • Continuous development of additional soldering tip series
  • Customized soldering tips based on customer requirements
SMD Soldering and Desoldering with hot air
Soldering tip, blade shape
Wicktip for pad cleaning
Hot air nozzle, bent
Reflective shield for heat shrink tube
Soldering tip, bent, extended
Soldering tips and applications

Baths & heating plates

Temperature controlled dip soldering
and preheating for stable processes

Field-proven: static dip pots and gentle infrared preheating.

  • Soldering baths with various solder volumes
  • Digital temperature control
  • Heating plates for soldering stations to preheat assemblies
  • Stand alone heating plates for curing and drying of pastes, coatings, adhesives, etc.
Braid pre tinning
Infrared heating plate
Solder bath for pretinning
Temperature controllable solder bath
Temperature regulator: RA 4500 D

Spare parts & auxiliaries

Everything from one source:
accessories, tools and consumables, as well as spare parts

We offer a wide range of accessory items and tools for efficient operation of your Ersa soldering tools.

  • Workstation accessories for well organized soldering and gentle use of tools
  • Comprehensive portfolio of solder wire, flux, and cleaning media
  • Extensive range of spare parts for all Ersa soldering tools
Helpful accessories for mastering soldering tasks
Antistatic holder for soldering iron
Desoldering tool VAC-X
Temperature measuring device
Tool to exchange tips
Tip holder to organize the work bench
Assortment of soldering wires

Fume extractions

Low-noise solder fume extraction
units for a healthy working environment

Solder fume extraction units from Ersa ensure a low-emission working environment.

  • Super-quiet operational performance, low noise emissions
  • Adjustable to suit various workplace environments
  • Standby operation for efficient, material-saving use
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
Solder fume extractions multiple solder tasks
Solder fume extraction unit for one workplace
Technology of fume extraction units
Solder fume extraction unit for two workplaces

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